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Are you looking for fun, unconventional entertainment that can bring to your customers?

Puzzle boxes are great entertainment for escape rooms owners and people who want to expand their entertainment business.

Our puzzle box has engaging, interesting, and non-traditional tasks. It will take around 60 minutes to solve the mystery. It’s the ideal entertainment for corporate and personal celebrations.

To whom you can rent the box?

The boxes are suitable for a variety of events, celebrations and activities

Team building

It is necessary to work in a team when solving the box. Proper communication is critical for achieving the common goal of unlocking all the locks and will require the involvement of all team members.


Puzzle boxes can be an outstanding entertainment for both adult and children’s birthday parties. Your clients can rent the box and use it as a gift wrap. The celebrant will find his gift after solving the last task.


Puzzle boxes can be a great activity while the newly married couple is taking pictures or can be one of the entertainment and highlights of the evening.

Bachelorette parties

Puzzle boxes are delivered to your clients’ desired location – yacht, forest, cafe, bar, etc. The entertainment will take about 60 minutes, but the excitement will accompany the entire evening.

Large events

Puzzle boxes can be one of the activities at a city celebration, a company party, or any other big event. We handle more than 200 participants at once with a few boxes.

Education organizations

Puzzle boxes can be a great educational tool – an activity, a different lesson. They develop attention, teamwork, logic, and focus. With a few boxes, you can create the best competition for your clients.

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Who can handle the boxes? What is their complexity?

Anyone can solve the box – both adults and children. Kids are known to be a little slower, but you can assist them during the game. The box is of medium difficulty – not very difficult, but not too easy for experienced escape room players.

How does the box rental work?

The client arranges the pickup. Then, upon arrival at the agreed time, they will sign a box rental agreement, and you will arrange a convenient return time for both parties. When renting the box, the clients will need to show their ID, pay a deposit (which you will give back when they return the puzzle box), and the rent price of the box. You will provide instructions and a carrying guide for the clients as well.

How is help given when renting a box?

A web link and instructions on how to get hints are given to clients.
You will get everything to instruct your clients properly.

How many people can play one box?

The ideal number of players is 5.

Can bigger teams play one box?

We recommend renting this box for up to 5 players. If the clients want to play as a bigger team, they can, but not everyone will participate and be fully involved.

How long the clients can solve the box?

If you deliver the box to your clients, we suggest limiting the play for up to 60 minutes. If the clients pick up the box, you can decide how long they can have it.

Why a puzzle box?

Ready-to-play for up to 5 players.

With a few boxes, you can handle big events.

You can participate in the event for your clients, or you can rent it for them and let them enjoy it without you being there.

You can put small gifts in the last compartment of the box by your clients’ requirement (compartment size 15x7x6 cm).

Automatic hints system for your clients.


The difficulty of the box is perfect for newbies and experienced players.

The box is suitable for any age.

The box is made of wood, which makes it an authentic activity. But, you will need to protect it from rain and moisture in outdoor activities with a small tent/gazebo.

Puzzle Box Price

You can start your business by investing only $3499.

We will guide you through the entire process with our many years’ expertise.
If for any reason, you will struggle to create customers, you will be able to return the puzzle box for a full refund.

Read more for terms and conditions.


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Shipping cost:

We don’t charge extra money for delivery. You will pay by yourself to the shipping company of your choice.
We can arrange everything for you as well, for free. You pay for the shipping.

When buying three boxes or more, the shipping fees are on us.

We ship worldwide.


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For how much you can rent the box?

The standard price of the box is $50 for one hour + a $100 security deposit, which you return when your clients return the puzzle box.

By renting it for $50, your new business will be profitable after 70 rents.
Isn’t it great? To be profitable after two months of running a business.

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